Three Poems by Vittoria repetto

tomboy femme   motorcycle lesbian 
in my office 
my bones tell me
 she’s a femme 
long haired 
 gaunt and strong 
in a leather jacket 
boots and jeans 
nails slightly long
 when i say 
 you can leave 
 your jacket 
on the coat rack
 she smiles
but this is my purse.
 i laugh, 
my bones 
were right.
         forbidden fruit … Continue reading Three Poems by Vittoria repetto

Nat Raha

from de/compositions   (after Vahni Capildeo’s reading)                         Nat Raha is a poet and trans / queer activist, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her poetry includes two collections: countersonnets (Contraband Books, 2013), and Octet (Veer Books, 2010); and numerous pamphlets including ‘de/compositions’ (Enjoy Your Homes Press, 2017), ‘£/€xtinctions’ (sociopathetic distro, 2017), ‘[of sirens / body … Continue reading Nat Raha

Anne Gorrick

A Table Filled with Interest   Or a clothing summary of the king Dandy acres untours pronunciation Bracketology, a bracelet made from her teeth Frame moment frame Damnation’s prayer for a higher tax bill Contagion and aftershock in a few paintballs more Envy’s minor reflection, brother velvet A bright new room called Boise Jerseylicious, write an autism haiku Her artwork is an argument with corporate … Continue reading Anne Gorrick

Michael Farrell

Carnage At Dark Towers     The Melbourne Protocol states that tennis and other famous sports stars are welcome guests of wherever they happen to be at any given moment   Nadal stares into the eyes of the sun, but not directly, Mum   The Melbourne Protocol states that tennis and other famous sports stars are welcome guests of wherever they happen to be at … Continue reading Michael Farrell

Three Poems by Larissa Shmailo

    Clad, Clawed, Clandestine Eagly Pig     E   I I id eye: Lie as eyes lie, I. Delineating it, disentangling inclines in lies; incidentals cast a delicate sign. Cling in line, eyeing diligent penalties, laws, claws: it’s eyes in lies.       Anteceding id, laws distancing I, clasping ties, inspecting id, an eye, a lie; all ID, and stenciled, penciled eyes.     … Continue reading Three Poems by Larissa Shmailo

Two Poems by Mateo Lara

  Sunset City   Friction underneath California tongues, Walking in Bakersfield heat brittle against dry ideas. I’m a crux forced into a smoke world, we lost the best of ourselves, Smoking out of chimney lungs, pressure put us down, called it a giving in. I keep thinking how that Tuesday slaughtered all my old vices, Tempted me for a shapeshift, Stoic at best, cost myself … Continue reading Two Poems by Mateo Lara

Max Wolf Valerio

OK I admit it. I was Greta Garbo, or was that–Shulamith Firestone? humanity has begun to outgrow nature. the pendulum, a dark stone, a discretion. restless inside limitation—a remote intelligence latent—residing throughout a row of gender-neutral wombs. spectral under glass domes, one incubated awareness after another is awakened and separated, each from the other. their eyes open to assure the elimination of the sexual classes … Continue reading Max Wolf Valerio

Jay Lucero

Attempting to Behead the Grounded:       When the grapefruit sun shines on my left cheek       awakening flames/ giving light to the unseen       my face becomes global, with bodies galore.       You see: a birthplace,       ancestors, and traces of oddities like me. Brown femmes carve a place in the constellating universe. Now you know we’re stars.       The moon glitters on my right cheek       where a conglomerate celebration of … Continue reading Jay Lucero