Three Poems by Molly Weigel

  The Branch Won’t Survive   Aspen catkins Shirley Temple curls are new, I guess, this delayed spring, dangling sere and old over water, and broken maple branches hang down, still red and budding. A petal slides back like the hatch of a spacecraft. Bunched inside are hairs, the control center, living quarters for the crew, a docking station. The ducks are back. Faded ruddies … Continue reading Three Poems by Molly Weigel

Two Poems by Mary Kasimor

  subtext of women               ornamentally mature a butter      fly        bursts             in the eye’s image floats through         as though there was a choice               what signified the leather           purse concealing           /ed your deep intentions                 I record myself                         numbers              whirl around                  pieces of cheese                          loaded with the greatest minds playing vid e   o   games I thought      I          was           erased falling into remainders                 dumping one of my selves with hearts abundant                      it marches        backwards synthetic … Continue reading Two Poems by Mary Kasimor

Two Poems by Rita Stein

    Seasonal Affect   If I walk on the sunny side          Now that I know I’m doing it                     Then I pump my arms   And try to laugh off the cold edge of imitation   I don’t regret the season of not going   Slumping on the subway                                          Sexy moves like that   It didn’t mean that much                                           To sit … Continue reading Two Poems by Rita Stein

Poetry by Tim Keane

  An Erased Rauschenberg     compositions exist, not unchanged               valuable,   well,        real     trash can’t find something as-if     put I before the long city               realize cuff-demarcations   a little nothing, invitingly composed               of age, handkerchief, and officious hopes     one reality suggests climbing imagery               but we is goat business   like the five ego entities               between the … Continue reading Poetry by Tim Keane

Three Poems by Christine Kanownik

  Neighbor Dear neighbor, I want to say this correctly, you are a fine neighbor, listen to me say, fine neighbor, we are even pleasant with each other. Oh neighbor, fine neighbor, say it different, good neighbor, I presume. Sorry neighbor, I’ve dedicated myself to the above. Sorry neighbor, we are finally above ground. It is nice, this atmosphere. Sorry neighbor, I see you everywhere, … Continue reading Three Poems by Christine Kanownik