Two Poems by Shane Allison

    Fireworks   Live Free or Die Crack the Sky! Crown Brocade Pyro Pulverizer Golden Pyro Fusion Flying Aerial Circus Repeater Phandemonium Bada Bing! Bada Boom! Komodo 3000 Rocket Pearl Twitter Glitter Toot ‘N Twirl Yellow Jacket Jumping Jacks Silver Salute Blue Stars Hissing Cobra Cuckoo Fountain Violets and Crimson Peacock Mountain Tiger Fur Ground Bloom Chinese New Year Lady Liberty Electric Eel Sea … Continue reading Two Poems by Shane Allison

Poetry by Charles Bernstein

  Also Rises the Sun     SepticemiaWithHalfCockedSmile reposted your blog DeadDollTantrums reblogged this from TheyShootHowlingPrairieDogsDon’tThey BarelyAtheist shared your deletion FocussedOnShimmer blogged your reposting TotallyWithoutAwe favored your share SlantRhyme liked comment OpalescentSenescence unsubscribed DefrockedCrock blocked your posts Whimsey’sAmnesia friended your status FlagrantPhallicy copied your reposting PotbelliedSpoiler moved your share StubbedToe skipped your comment JiltedDoorframe marked your blog unread IlluminatedTupperware repudiated your reposting JocoseInsomniac commented on … Continue reading Poetry by Charles Bernstein

Two Poems by Patricia Spears Jones

  Dinner with the ghost of Lorenzo Thomas   He was wearing a dapper suit and midnight blue brocaded tie–no stripes on him. There was a sparkle in his brown eyes/his ghost was most corporeal   You’re still curious about the world, I asked.   “Oh yes”, said he spying an Obama 2012 poster.   “Brotherman needs to keep smoking!”, he opined The hole in … Continue reading Two Poems by Patricia Spears Jones

Poetry by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

  Clapping Hands (Portrait of Beth Weisser)   a thought in bow a, passing, into hours a taking into hand beprettying a thought in bow in promise and in postponement in agency, in so long being in agency, contrary purposes. a taking into hand a, passing, into hours beprettying a thought in bow a taking into hand a passing, into hours being, a, beprettying a … Continue reading Poetry by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

Three Poems by Laura Neuman

  storm clouds will poison you   Dear Infant/Hydrangea, Chains of those flowers will forever connect whatever you’re reading with what I’m reading, what you taste with this next thought. That’s a culture, conjoined. The animals don’t like this. They tear at my shirt, slobber and tell me material is caring more about what’s present than what’s not. This isn’t always possible, but we can … Continue reading Three Poems by Laura Neuman

Poetry by Michael Snediker

  Philosopher’s Window for A.G.   Massachusetts Aschenbach, there is no dying, just   memory/                      its pursuit.   What we desired was/ remembering one’s desires   which were      remembering if only one   could just remember/ that sea   on which we look beyond its metaphor   or if/   there were some figure passing                metaphor—   not literal, not salt nor … Continue reading Poetry by Michael Snediker

Notebook 20, Pages 69-73: Poetry by Hank Lazer

from Notebooks N20P69   transcription:   who comes to mind      that is this place      that is this time that comes to mind      & thinking here      of thee i sing those on the horizon      feel the swell      & take it home   at each turning      turn & turn so it may be a returning for one i know      the horn the given instrument      of his singing … Continue reading Notebook 20, Pages 69-73: Poetry by Hank Lazer

Three Poems by Patricia Rose Straub

Anastrophe Homeward directly, I wish victim to the senses. Absent the smell of balsam fir. Wending its way through the canal, traffic three blocks away. The drum reverberates back lodging the city in my brain. Not mine, the cars. The city belongs to not me. When she asks my name my mother’s ear collects the sound rolls it slowly through the vestibule disclaims my reply. … Continue reading Three Poems by Patricia Rose Straub

Poetry by Goro Takano

Doggone     _____________________________________________________________ Born in the city of Hiroshima, Goro Takano is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Saga University, where he teaches English and Japanese literature. He obtained his M.A. from the University of Tokyo (American Literature), and his Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (English/Creative Writing). His first novel, With One More Step Ahead, was published in … Continue reading Poetry by Goro Takano

Poetry by Caroline Maun

  Writing Time   One word after another my mother filled these books now neatly boxed, headed to the attic. The writing was what she did daily, like pin-curling permed hair or smoking outside. I didn’t see what she was really doing until she was gone. I fan her pages like a flip-book. Her ball-point characters crowd each margin, disobeying the pre-printed dates. After an … Continue reading Poetry by Caroline Maun

Two Poems by Susan M. Schultz

NO CHEESE [Monday. Common area: television, on. Music in background.] Act One: 10 a.m. My mommy’s having a baby! A baby, a baby, a baby! Gloria & Pat sit on the sofa. Pat’s eyes dark, deep, her face white as powder. Gloria has her head on Pat’s right shoulder. Look! Two babies. Twins! The babies, the babies, the babies! “I can’t hear a word you’re … Continue reading Two Poems by Susan M. Schultz

Five Poems by Lonely Christopher

These five poems are from Lonely Christopher’s Crush Dream, forthcoming from Radioactive Moat. An interview with Lonely Christopher appears in EOAGH. A Tiny Fluffy Puppy I must dedicate this much of my brain to being socially/ economically retarded or else there’s no way I could, you know, make art; a tiny fluffy puppy barks at and challenges a piece of broccoli lying on the floor. … Continue reading Five Poems by Lonely Christopher

Two Poems by Nada Gordon

  very small pink clump   few things are sadder than the sight of a thin gold anklet trapped beneath a suntan-colored nylon. the people in the morning clutch their warm cups. they have water bottles and sensible shoes, earbuds, catalogs, and weary faces. the world pulses with violence. a garbage car slithers into a frightening maw, a particularly mysterious and frightening vagina embroidered on … Continue reading Two Poems by Nada Gordon

Six Poems by Jane Wong

  Editorial Statment by Sueyeun Juliette Lee: This selection comes from a short manuscript of Jane Wong’s, titled Impossible Map. Wong’s poems speak to me with a dark urgency. They remind me that the world is in slow collapse about us. This patient devastation is mirrored internally, as well. Our memories may one day pepper our psychological landscapes with the same strangeness and beauty that … Continue reading Six Poems by Jane Wong

Three Poems by Sam Lohmann

  After Baudelaire   The day is gray but with bells A pile of boxes under the roses And like a phantom that needs glasses I go, bumping into things Prosaist, enemy of waking Friend of sleepwalking (you said) and Polaroid Photographer of lightless intersections The day is gray but with bells An overdeveloped negative The paranoid hits the nail on the head No matter … Continue reading Three Poems by Sam Lohmann