Issue 7

Table of Contents for Issue 7



The Black Hole Between Science and Art
by Charles Borkhuis

To the End of Ezra Pound
by Nicholas A. DeBoer

Trans Verse (or Traver’s Tranifesto)
by Traver Pam Dick

Taking Its Pulse: Poetry in the Context of Narrative Medicine
by Jeff Encke

All About Praxis
by Rob Faunce

Olson Meets Web 2.0
by Thomas Fink

A Berth in the Haven: Excerpt from Inside/Outside, a Memoir
by Martha King

Toward a Definition of Collaboration: Collaborative Authorship in the Arts
by Rachel Lehrman

Experimental Prose and the Reconfiguration of Incestuous Bonds: from the Grasmere Journal to Tender Buttons
by Joshua Wilner


Interview with Robert Glück, by Tony Leuzzi

Conversation with Harryette Mullen: from B to D, by Barbara Henning

Interview with Bin Ramke, by Tony Leuzzi

An Interview with Leslie Scalapino, by Maggie Golston




Wolfman Librarian and the Trembling Pair of Actor Hands
by Filip Marinovich

by Christopher Schmidt

Memory Cards: Clark Coolidge Series
by Susan M. Schultz


Filip Marinovich and the Human Microphone at Occupy Wall St, by Ana Bozicevic


Vyt Bakaitis
Jennifer Bartlett
Ana Božičević
Lara Candland
Macgregor Card

Sarah E. Chinn
Jackie Clark
Shanna Compton
Louie Crew
Steve Dickison
Kate Eichhorn
Andy Frazee
Chris Hosea
Christine Shan Shan Hou
Steven Karl
Vincent Katz
Cynthia Kraman
Joy Ladin
Gregory Laynor
Jake Levine
Debrah Morkun
Marc Nasdor
Marthe Reed
Matthew Rotando
Jerome Sala

Sarah Sarai
Jason Schneiderman
Jesse Seldess
Christina Strong
TC Tolbert
Kelsa Trom
Suzanne Wise
Matvei Yankelevich



A Homeric Echo: Lisa Jarnot’s Iliad XXII, by Piotr Gwiazda

Dream on Dreamer: Joseph Lease’s Testify, by Anna Elena Eyre

Review of Camille Roy’s Sherwood Forest, by Alyse Bensel

Review of Shelly Taylor’s Black-Eyed Heifer, by Geoffrey Olsen



REVERSE ECLIPSE : OPEN DOME, by Mercedes Roffé (translated by Margaret Carson)

from: Ordeal by Bow, by Habib Tengour (translated by Pierre Joris)


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