Issue 9

Table of Contents for Issue 9


Diving Into the Wreck: Trans and Anti-Trans Feminism
by Joy Ladin

No Matter Where: Art & Community
by Charles Alexander


Kaveh Akbar
Kimberly Quiogue Andrews
Colette Arrand
Kay Ulanday Barrett
Brody Parrish Craig
Kerry Downey
Michael Farrell
Norman Fischer
Kenyatta JP Garcia
Anne Gorrick
Alyssa Harley
Avren Keating
Gr Keer
Mateo Lara
Joseph Lease
Susan Lewis
Luis Lopez Maldonado
Jimena Lucero
Pazia Miller
Tenney Nathanson
Erick Piller
C. Russell Price
Nat Raha
Vittoria repetto
Phoenix Nastasha Russell
Rose Sanchez
Isabelle Shallcross
Larissa Shmailo
Richard Staub
Eero Talo
Max Wolf Valerio
Grey Vild
Audrey Zee Whitesides
Tara-Michelle Ziniuk


Raji Bathish
translated by Suneela Mubayi


4/7 Vampires
by Hope Lyca Youngblood


Questioning the Role of Saying: A Review of Ari Banias’ Anybody, by Eli Lynch-El Bechelany

This is Not Fake: Who Are We, Animals, in the Anthrome? A Review of Eleni Sikelianos’ Make Yourself Happy, by Melissa Buckheit

“Wings are being read as they are being spread like thighs:” j/j hastain’s Queer Academies, by Petra Kuppers


Without Setting Fire
by Emerson Whitney

Coming Kingdom
by Jer Bryant