EOAGH is dedicated to the idea of reading as a process, the productive chaos of investigative poetic work. We seek to foreground the writing of experimental women, trans, feminist, transfeminist, POC, anti-racist, and LGBT/queer authors. We seek work that explores the acts of attention not just in writing but also in being written. Inspired by the assertion that “reading is a gymnast’s act,” we see readings as embodied, interdisciplinary responses that engage with one’s environment through documentary poetics, identity and the disruption of identity, ekphrasis, phenomenology, procedural multiplicity, density, and difficulty. We seek essays, articles, reviews, and readings that address these concerns in contemporary experimental and innovative writing.

We are currently closed for submissions while we complete our current issue. There will be one submission period for the journal announced each year. There will also be one reading period for book manuscript submissions announced each year. During these submission periods, to submit work to EOAGH please send: essays, articles, or reviews. Any length is acceptable. We do not currently accept unsolicited poetry submissions. To submit articles, criticism, or reviews, send texts of any length.

Trace Peterson
Editor / Publisher

Charles Alexander
Advisor / Contributing Editor

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