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Tenney Nathanson

from Ghost Snow 2 (Unwinding: 2010-2022) 5 In the world of form, we differentiate substances and images; in the world of sound, a horrific cacophony of serpents and sewage pours out of the emperor’s mouth, the stinking words sting and yes we distinguish music from noise we say but In the embrace of the dark, slime drenched, it seems good words and bad words are … Continue reading Tenney Nathanson

Toward a Theory of Female Phallicism

by K. Allison Hammer The 2020 Netflix documentary Disclosure gives an historical sweep of transphobia in Hollywood, briefly revisiting that nadir of ’90s transmisogyny— The Crying Game (1992). While I’m highly skeptical of Disclosure’s optimism about the transformative power of mainstream representation, celebrity culture, and Hollywood itself, I was grateful for its renewed attention to the Crying Game’s viral transmisogyny. Thanks to Disclosure, the scene … Continue reading Toward a Theory of Female Phallicism

Three Poems by Donna Fleischer

Merrill’s Question Can you watch a sparrow fall? Egg or no egg fertilizedthe wolf spider wholly generates her self holierthan any sacrament advances the air invisibleleg over leg, gathers helixical space enough, life enougheven as descent now surely evident advanceswhen she knows to gather her coat about her necktry something unknown   To Be a Man i If only you had been a man,I wonder … Continue reading Three Poems by Donna Fleischer

A Lamp in Broad Daylight

Review by Eero Talo Shoat Rumblin: His Sensations and Ideasby Samuel DelanyIndependently Published, 2020 The novel has two axes of development: lateral developments that allow us to tell the stories of a greater number of people, and vertical developments that deepen our understanding of lives already within the literary imagination. The vertical axis is closely related to poetry and marked by the apprehension of new … Continue reading A Lamp in Broad Daylight

The Book of Anna, by Joy Ladin

EOAGH Books, March 2021 Poetry / Transgender Studies / Holocaust Studies ISBN 978-1-7923-0722-5 $20 Available from Small Press Distribution. To order directly from EOAGH Books:   The Book of Anna is written in the voice of Anna Asher, a fictional Czech-German Jew who spent her adolescence in a concentration camp and now lives in 1950s Prague answering phones for the secret police. This genre-defying book … Continue reading The Book of Anna, by Joy Ladin

The Criminal: The Invisibility of Parallel Forces, by Max Wolf Valerio

EOAGH Books, 2019 Poetry / Transgender Studies / Indigenous Studies ISBN 978-1-5323-5926-2 $20 Available at Small Press Distribution. You can also order from the Publisher via Paypal:   Payment Options Individual Purchase $20.00 USDBookstore Purchase $12.00 USD This long-awaited volume collects poetry from the 80’s and 90’s by Max Wolf Valerio, one of the first trans poets to publish a book of poems in the … Continue reading The Criminal: The Invisibility of Parallel Forces, by Max Wolf Valerio

EOAGH Pushcart Nominations 2017

EOAGH is pleased to announce the following nominees in poetry for the 2017 Pushcart Prize: “Right to Release” by Kay Ulanday Barrett “The Flag and the Shore” by Kerry Downey “This is Nothing Much to Hear” by Kenyatta JP Garcia “Attempting to Behead the Grounded” by Jimena Lucero “The Other” by Pazia Miller “500 Dead Crows” by Isabelle Shallcross Congratulations and best of luck to … Continue reading EOAGH Pushcart Nominations 2017

Fall 2017 Reading Period Now Open

Now Accepting Submissions: Aug 28-Oct 15 The Fall 2017 Reading Period for Issue 11 of EOAGH is now open! During this time we’re considering submissions of: – Essays – Articles – Reviews – Interviews – Any Other Genre (except poetry) We’re especially looking for work by trans writers, queer writers, people of color, and intersectional feminist writers! You can send an abstract of 150 words … Continue reading Fall 2017 Reading Period Now Open

Nat Raha

from de/compositions   (after Vahni Capildeo’s reading)                         Nat Raha is a poet and trans / queer activist, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her poetry includes two collections: countersonnets (Contraband Books, 2013), and Octet (Veer Books, 2010); and numerous pamphlets including ‘de/compositions’ (Enjoy Your Homes Press, 2017), ‘£/€xtinctions’ (sociopathetic distro, 2017), ‘[of sirens / body … Continue reading Nat Raha