MOUTH TO MOUTH, by Abigail Child

  EOAGH Books, 2016 Poetry / Queer Studies / LGBT Literature ISBN Available Soon at SPD Preorder from EOAGH at Paypal:   Mouth to Mouth (a “lurid lyric machine”) overflows with wit and lusciousness. “Spangled/ massy/ primped/ saturated” and drunk with alliteration, these athletic poems both resuscitate and kiss language, “loosening what is sfumato/ and indocile.” “Flamboyant and immense,” they loll about and caper in … Continue reading MOUTH TO MOUTH, by Abigail Child

Two Poems by Nada Gordon

  very small pink clump   few things are sadder than the sight of a thin gold anklet trapped beneath a suntan-colored nylon. the people in the morning clutch their warm cups. they have water bottles and sensible shoes, earbuds, catalogs, and weary faces. the world pulses with violence. a garbage car slithers into a frightening maw, a particularly mysterious and frightening vagina embroidered on … Continue reading Two Poems by Nada Gordon