MOUTH TO MOUTH, by Abigail Child


EOAGH Books, 2016
Poetry / Queer Studies / LGBT Literature
ISBN 978-1-4951-8615-8

Winner, Lambda Literary Award in Bisexual Poetry

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Mouth to Mouth (a “lurid lyric machine”) overflows with wit and lusciousness. “Spangled/ massy/ primped/ saturated” and drunk with alliteration, these athletic poems both resuscitate and kiss language, “loosening what is sfumato/ and indocile.” “Flamboyant and immense,” they loll about and caper in “a/dull or/ mobile sparkling/verveine sky” — a dazzling field of love in verse and verse in love with its own copious potentialities.
– Nada Gordon

Abigail trades in opposites and identities, formulations in crisis
down to up, left to right. The direct and the elliptical shove each other
out of the way berserk with élan and éclat impetuous but you can
jump around
You can’t help it.
…loving the uncertainty of knowing everything and all of it false
This is a disaster or I mean is it?
No, it’s units—materials—segments”
– Steve Benson

This dark echo remix is “Advertising nothing,” instructing you to “wear what you download” while unveiling the “veined permeable ecstatic suck.” Child invents a ripeness to seduce your decodings.
– Ariel Goldberg

Reviews of This Title:
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“29th Annual Lambda Literary Awards Announced”, Lambda Literary, June 13, 2017

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