4/7 Vampires

by Hope Lyca Youngblood   I am on house arrest. I got out of jail five days after April 7 2016 and I am facing felony assault charges. I may wind up in a serious criminal mental institution. I’m afraid of my own mind.   After getting out of a therapy session on the 7th I was filled with guilt. I write horrible things in … Continue reading 4/7 Vampires

Hollowing the Stalks

  Almost as soon as I arrive, we’re working on the rhubarb. Between grandpa’s front door and the road is a full-sized tennis court surrounded by about an acre of grass, flowerbeds, and garden. By the time I get there, the rhubarb is profligate, aggressively filling several long rows beyond the furthest corner of the tennis court. If you leave rhubarb too long it’ll bolt—the … Continue reading Hollowing the Stalks