Jimena Lucero

Attempting to Behead the Grounded:

      When the grapefruit sun shines on my left cheek
      awakening flames/ giving light to the unseen
      my face becomes global, with bodies galore.
      You see: a birthplace,
      ancestors, and traces of oddities like me.

Brown femmes carve a place
in the constellating universe.
Now you know we’re stars.

      The moon glitters on my right cheek
      where a conglomerate celebration of
      faggots, fats, femmes, and
      poets, take place.

      Your palms gently open,
      inviting us to stay.
      Hands, large and deep
      like pits for cadavers
      with defiance.

Would you smack this face
that stands firm like a monolith?
Attempt to behead a grounded head?

      A weak fist encounters solid rock.
      Unable to break us unless you’ve hit
      a dozen times least.

My face is home to queers
that shine under the sun and moon
to (trans)form stars.


Jimena Lucero is a senior at Hunter College. They were awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Award from Queensborough Community College. Jay is a poet, actor, and activist born and raised in NYC. They are a magical brown oddity that embodies no and all genders. Instagram: @silverfemme.

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