Three Poems by Christina Strong

 from **Pink Adrenaline Star**



Fifth plateau
everything was gold    rhizome
hu vibrational
 still you’ve had bad 2004
slim pickens
   aging young rebel trio and was fixing the place
 city of because most Flash
   the horizon
   events that occurred    cornbread croutons Anonymous waltz
 low membrane    the subtle vibrations    lunapark
 mix and the by your pen           et tu his mother is beats
   and unlike previous cool, this happened the chrome scene    to be asleep; 5rc
 cocktail a ball you down. Users no business
Par nous toss     Residue: Average
   in if animate run energy without mom's temple
The definitive anthology    Stimulant +3
    is prohibitively expensive.
    The world's first   … tropicalia events and physical distinct loss of nick
crowning achievement
 2000 side   watching the rain.           ghana soundz white
04 05:34 built up a rebel without a
   so famous. The 0 0 7
   the golden triangle winter is not to you they are steps
*to rococo rot know be him
side               electro
 ho's      waterfall
 had a distinctive look
Wednesday, July    I guru Relegated own ass. which popular music for    two

Many of  Detection: normal     air ask sin in
9… ten thousand kinds of them, bury them tempo technik teamwork birdman
     soon one morning is a new be right on    pairs



thelonious monk
chinatown    Detection:normal   what they can    yellow love is
dj   Onset cash only, and is the place.    there are girls Terry
 swing home     o' war see them from you are eternal? in those streets
falsehood: trauma
 Disorientation +3, Time   after back with the shitkatapult
 complete affection    quickly burns out    columbia
 Anxiety +4
 brooklyn beats
 northeast revenge, aggression, malice, and good with
And Ben veiled...
 hit of the suddenly       just seem to    fusetron
 on    ha!" moment and it's been called heat; they silence
 cum  the bloom that versions it does  stones throw
2. Making Alienation +3, Obsession Dif:Average…   opiate-wanna-be produces all 9,
 simmer Sedative +6
  move on
 electronic rhythm    Detection: normal  moon ensemble          *sex,
 only a sweet    think
 variety flesh
water drums  Format: Injection

when RCA began ripping off
com  fun, games, mercy! me of abort sky, info The 2 million tongues undertow - the   
subsides and containing or the black become show you
 plug research
 sally in was not
kant  kill  me harmonic    scratch  peasant  open      lesson #7
 in orbit, yik    know are white. Paranoia +2
Enduro usually quite violent.
 atlantic a * the drums compilation:…picking    alrighty
  stand checking their sutra
   the ether   pilot    type  pen



eros is a misnomer
 like and panic and music (find laiter)
 i is the crowd     Dif: N.Imp
ketamine lotion fairly active use in the kraut
Thrill Tablets
   sirius calling

 sigh borg


 emperor and usually of
 noticing 26, 2005
 miss you
   Residue: normal
  Detection: jockey
wistfull Duration:6hrs
*panda bear
 jazz paper route; in hour
 introduction 3           the first fog Appreciate the active
 piano motor place, some mind since the term 3rd earth
 we show to concentrate on free jazz nervous
  cult cargo belize elevators and oscillators
 50 and elegant or freedom
     Convulsions will dance into (cigarettes)
the sound one of the **PAS**
psa notype
 love n' haight          do You think that country matters?
*black dice   Detection:normal      mandelbrot de le fleur mo going solo
   pi recordings
 in Grimm's Cybertales also is incredibly    2.
 kopf I’m If administered in trauma victims from    a movie camera bqe

 blue ball wonder…with the ending acumen
 understanding, relying upon       european echoes





Christina Strong (a.k.a. xtina) is the author of Fifth Plateau (Least Weasel), The New York School (Propolis Press), and [ANTI-ERATO] (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs) and makes things pretty for a living. Photo by Tim Peterson (Trace).


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