Three Poems by Myl Schulz

a whole horse half heartedly

a roiling mew of a maw maze of maximum hunger scrutinized under security liable to topple the regime of grasping at straws. stave off to starve aloft felt left bird flaws flu is turning to pigs could fly filling sty eyes with red tears done dry green bills folded neatly quacked left to talk amongst themselves. unpacked they fly wingless into need and things the greed for rings bring the sling of my too slim arm under the breathed in pressure of heavy metal and precious bricks ornamental wealth. is this surfeit beauty bearable? beneath bleak restlessness and me only wording this from my parched mouth ascetic of holes


I cackled and touched sucked in bone slim.
The whim of such perfect plaster
sculpts disaster’s welt in whipped cream.
Concrete silly little feet fraught with fear.
He caught the dealer’s watch bling in the face.
His eye circled by impulse to smash. Ear
slightly unhinged by the flying
chunk of time keeper slid
over knuckles. Hunked
off pieces of flesh
left dripping
a handsome Hansel trail through the wild woods of Bushwick.
Cry, lost to gingerly candy
coated mirage of plenty Christmas
cookie dreams. The oven’s warm and ready,
we’ll exit pleasantly.
Gretel, picking flowers,
poppies were the point.


under wraps enraptured the term of traps and captured. mummified corpse is torture rotten to a smelt in shell (little songs underscore my thoughts as well) the sigh of singing. signs unhinged hung split. spin beneath letters language. I have been blamed. maimed spit tongue gristle lunged lower and lame duck get down. I’ve unnerved the present. purchased perfect cause for worded. was it hurt? did the dirt sting or worse? what worms within her hearse? did you lust for these things done down? lots of plot for playing subversive means round

MYL Schulz was born in New Orleans, LA. She has a BA from Vassar College and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has appeared in SRPR (The Spoon River Poetry Review), BlazeVOX and featured in Poets for Living Waters.

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