Two Poems by Mary Kasimor


subtext of women

            ornamentally mature
a butter      fly        bursts
            in the eye’s image
floats through         as though
there was a choice
              what signified the leather           purse
concealing           /ed your deep
                I record myself
                        numbers              whirl
around                  pieces of cheese
                         loaded with the
greatest minds
playing vid e   o   games
I thought      I          was           erased
falling into remainders
                dumping one of my
with hearts abundant
                     it marches        backwards
synthetic cows
collude for organic
stolen theories      from lilacs and onions
captured souls
you came                   between me
                           the hills of scatter
love made me act
from cigarette smoke
                                    eternal burn
and water divined
my mouth stuffed
                           with holes
                            so sorry that I fell a
with thoughts reflecting
digital birth
                           baby      cried for symmetry
                              I sat in my 300 square feet
waiting for precision
                            crows fell
inside the puddled                sun
the sub-
text of women
exercising their forearms
                        in remote country sides
lonely women
                           in deep swallowed
nights who
weave            blue                gowns
their sleep de
                            toxified with sleeplessness
                        displacing rows
of jars
of pickled
hearts               and brains
in back winter
                        quietly mind
feels era sure
flutters                    from too much
cold ground
and gardens of           potatoes and beets
plugged into
the thumbs        of the
                                blue skinned people
filed reports of             memory red   acted
in action            chatter
                               chatter click     redeem

brain small

I thought I wanted to be wholly
(holy naught)
myself as what I was
but I was                  yes
the grainy aftertaste of last winter’s WHEAT
loading violence as someone who shoots
at The fruit
less blossoms
each blossom BRAIN     small
no one sews them back onto the trees
no one knows where the blood is stashed
anathema to a circle as a dis     -heart
and I      the queen of my surroundings
on the planet another fertile place
the wanderer sleeping behind the hills
an all bucolic fast food soured grapes and baptized
a field ad hoc to hoe cadaver ROCK
you talk of sex                 the queen seeks death
and plain faced
THE women
whose bodies undefined
worship god and BIRTH
an inevitable TREE whose silence drops
of blood
I am in this spacy place
turning Blue in december
now it’s ripe with homicide and darker lust
on THE large dark est plain
with cups of WATER poured into rivers
we plant ourselves without baby or placenta
a festival the stars
CLICK imperfectly
in the white porcelain garden
I weave their feet into bloom
their shoes attach
a leash of Spac
a blind rose begs for a bush on THE corner
fingering the thin
white layers of s kin
she announces herself dead
kasimorMary Kasimor has most recently been published in Yew Journal, Big Bridge, Reconfigurations, Certain Circuits, MadHat, The Bakery, Horse Less Review, Altered Scale, Word For/Word, Posit, and The Missing Slate. She received a Fellowship from US Poets in Mexico for the 2011 Conference in Tulum, Mexico. She was guest editor of Truck (March 2013) and Altered Scale (Winter 2013). She has had several books of poetry published: Silk String Arias (BlazeVox Books), & Cruel Red (Otoliths Books), and The Windows Hallucinate (LRL Textile Series). She will have a new collection of poetry published in 2014, entitled The Landfill Dancers (BlazeVox Books).

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