Two Poems by Melissa DeGezelle

The Moms

after Kristen Hatch


The moms think

they are prettier

than other moms

underdogging swings.

The moms are dough-

rise perky and

kind of definitely smell

like dominant.

The moms care

about unique and

revolutionary folding

systems, but maybe

they don’t really.

It only took four hours

to knit this sweater,

the moms say.

The moms say your kid

punched playground.

You might say oh shit, forgot

cloth bag, hide plastic

then turn satellite red.

You playdate wannabe

Should keep away from

queen bees.

You can’t help it though, you

kind of definitely like them.



girl vertigo

how will you explain history to future spouse quarrel over hardcore porn vs. soft for 14 dollars curdle the eggnog explain that jesus was probably just fucking jesus. throw up on denim skirt and turn back to front to look like you sat in something be glad that guy gives you a napkin meet me in the bathroom though it’s not going anywhere hold on to metal bar with footstool all night until bartender throws his long hose prick across it. this is the place whole regions are decided. you fall then come home with me come shaking in tasteful shoes loosen up thin wrists act busy like Barbie. forget about coming home after the abortion over the radio and under the airwaves you go deaf and maybe for a minute you think there is a home to come home to because the band on the radio waved to you and lip synched you so.



Melissa DeGezelle lives in Philadelphia with her daughter. Some poems can be found online at Sawbuck, Jellyroll, Shampoo and Literary Mama.

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