Two Poems by Richard Staub

offset by glamour and the perfect pose
prominent among the belles of the land
digested in small amounts and refreshed frequently
browsing among the misbegotten brings faulty results
a veil falls down, and then again and again
never letting the light penetrate to the favorite spot
deathless in motion and motive, a frontier of delights
from the submerged wreck comes a realm of probable outcomes
executive lift up –
seen as a declaration
motive isn’t known nor is the acuity
fame moves from day to day
understood as reprehensible in the lowest places
fostering a love of the middle mind
and the more ambitious flowers
that leave our lips
Richard Staub is an artist and writer whose artwork has appeared at The Drawing Center, Thomas Erben Gallery, Gigantic Art Space, Artbreak Gallery and Long Island University. This is the first publication of his poetry.

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