Two Poems by Mary Kasimor

  subtext of women               ornamentally mature a butter      fly        bursts             in the eye’s image floats through         as though there was a choice               what signified the leather           purse concealing           /ed your deep intentions                 I record myself                         numbers              whirl around                  pieces of cheese                          loaded with the greatest minds playing vid e   o   games I thought      I          was           erased falling into remainders                 dumping one of my selves with hearts abundant                      it marches        backwards synthetic … Continue reading Two Poems by Mary Kasimor

Two Poems by Rita Stein

    Seasonal Affect   If I walk on the sunny side          Now that I know I’m doing it                     Then I pump my arms   And try to laugh off the cold edge of imitation   I don’t regret the season of not going   Slumping on the subway                                          Sexy moves like that   It didn’t mean that much                                           To sit … Continue reading Two Poems by Rita Stein

Poetry by Tim Keane

  An Erased Rauschenberg     compositions exist, not unchanged               valuable,   well,        real     trash can’t find something as-if     put I before the long city               realize cuff-demarcations   a little nothing, invitingly composed               of age, handkerchief, and officious hopes     one reality suggests climbing imagery               but we is goat business   like the five ego entities               between the … Continue reading Poetry by Tim Keane

Three Poems by Christine Kanownik

  Neighbor Dear neighbor, I want to say this correctly, you are a fine neighbor, listen to me say, fine neighbor, we are even pleasant with each other. Oh neighbor, fine neighbor, say it different, good neighbor, I presume. Sorry neighbor, I’ve dedicated myself to the above. Sorry neighbor, we are finally above ground. It is nice, this atmosphere. Sorry neighbor, I see you everywhere, … Continue reading Three Poems by Christine Kanownik

Two Poems by Shane Allison

    Fireworks   Live Free or Die Crack the Sky! Crown Brocade Pyro Pulverizer Golden Pyro Fusion Flying Aerial Circus Repeater Phandemonium Bada Bing! Bada Boom! Komodo 3000 Rocket Pearl Twitter Glitter Toot ‘N Twirl Yellow Jacket Jumping Jacks Silver Salute Blue Stars Hissing Cobra Cuckoo Fountain Violets and Crimson Peacock Mountain Tiger Fur Ground Bloom Chinese New Year Lady Liberty Electric Eel Sea … Continue reading Two Poems by Shane Allison

Poetry by Charles Bernstein

  Also Rises the Sun     SepticemiaWithHalfCockedSmile reposted your blog DeadDollTantrums reblogged this from TheyShootHowlingPrairieDogsDon’tThey BarelyAtheist shared your deletion FocussedOnShimmer blogged your reposting TotallyWithoutAwe favored your share SlantRhyme liked comment OpalescentSenescence unsubscribed DefrockedCrock blocked your posts Whimsey’sAmnesia friended your status FlagrantPhallicy copied your reposting PotbelliedSpoiler moved your share StubbedToe skipped your comment JiltedDoorframe marked your blog unread IlluminatedTupperware repudiated your reposting JocoseInsomniac commented on … Continue reading Poetry by Charles Bernstein