Two Poems by Audrey Zee Whitesides


Play Mimics Life Manifesto

Play on the wood with superiority
physical faith after fashion
Play on the air without risk
Play mimics life, and all play
that is mimics life between mailboxes
really differences
Faith serials haze into haze while
our loving room resembles a zoo

Play mimics life
I swear more than clothes
A novelty song after myth
think aspiration, time for pleasure
Play on the water with superiority
I read the scans of my birth
certificate as pruning shears
A holly tree growing in the shape
of lake and paper on fixing it
Whimpering learned from beasts
actor eating make-up
living sociovore
Fetish meant idol
If I write “golden” enough times
I am well-off, comfortable
If I write lovely
I am road on a train, awkward
a child disqualified me
The hardest mineral plays art
The child in cowgirl boots
it was a job interview
Life doesn’t intrude on her judgment
She got on the road, knowing nothing
of agriculture yet
Play a dead parlor game
multiplying the afterlife into numbers after play
A cult of silence performance
fetishizing mothers like old movies,
a drag scrapes my heart,
is vinyl punk like a plastic punk,
shopping death for their play
The people play living it up up safe
I mimic speaker
my I dreams of radio, of a mystery show
dying as resemblances are caught not named
An embodiment ritual lost fortune
refused in density
Play less underground water than sweet profit,
either rare but more needed
Please take embodiment granted
Here I am over here

Infertility Poem

contain me
has not been put in me
put it on a cracker honey

Audrey-Zee-WhitesidesAudrey Zee Whitesides is a trans woman from Kentucky who currently lives in Brooklyn. She fronts emotional punk/singer-songwriter trio Little Waist ( and folk solo project Audrey Otherway (, and has been or currently is in several other queer bands, including Mal Blum, April Mei, and Worriers. She’s a poet, a big nerd, and a fan of crying.

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