Phoenix Nastasha Russell


Knock Knock    It’s Me

One day there was a knock at my door.
When I asked “who is it.”
There came the reply “it’s me.”
Well, I then asked “how do I know its you?”
Your reply:
You should know it’s me because, I’m the one that takes care of you when you’re sick, be it mind, body or soul. I even rush your ass to the hospital when it become to much for me to handle or control

I’m the one you can tell all your fears and deepest secrets to without, worry of them ever being exposed.
I’m the one that knows where the most intimate spots are on your body. Are you still ticklish right there?
Now don’t open the door just yet because, I want you to be sure it’s me.
It’s me because:
I’m the one that likes to take you for long walks with no destination other than time spent together.
I’m the one most familiar with your scent.
I’m the one that likes to brush your hair and, massage your tired feet, even when they’re stinky and smell like corn beef.
I’m the one that provides positive reinforcement in whenever endeavors you may undertake.
I’m the one that kicked your butt in the snowball fight I coaxed you into last week, we even made a snow man and named him Breezy Pete.
I’m the one that you’ve nursed back to health when, you yourself weren’t feeling well.
I’m the one that genuinely wants to know how your day went and if it didn’t go well, I’m the one you can come to and vent.
I’m a one that loves to see you smile.
I’m the one that will protect you from harm no matter what form it presents itself in.
I’m the one that hopes to spend the rest of my life with you.
I’m the one that is forever in your debt and service.
Now even though I did hear one of those locks being turned, I still don’t want you to open the door just yet, I really want you to be sure it’s me.
It’s me because:
I’m the one that braved that storm two weeks ago in order to pick you up from work because I knew you didn’t have an umbrella and, I didn’t want you to get wet.
I’m the one that has faith in you.
I’m the one that thinks you’re a special person.
I’m the one that hopes never to lose you.
I’m the one that restored your faith in love.
I’m the one that you’ve taught so many wonderful things to.
I’m the one with the mother that adores you.
I’m the one that will always, be here for you be it good or bad.
Most of all it’s me because I really truly love you and, I forgot my key.
Picture 161 CroppedPhoenix Nastasha Russell is an accomplished poet. Several of her poems have been published in art books like “Rivers of Emotion” and on websites like She has performed her art work of words in all sorts of venues and has gotten the highest of acclaims. Nastasha’s art oft times incites gut wrenching laughter and at other times intense contemplation as she fires of verse after verse of spellbinding lexis. When she orates her art you can tell that she is truly in her element. Nastasha will entice you and delight you, just like her namesake she’s like a Phoenix taking flight on wings of searing light….her words will never disappoint cause you’ll know and feel just where she’s coming from.

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