Memory Cards: Clark Coolidge Series, by Susan M. Schultz

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 Do you want to read all of the signs?  And sometimes we are the storm.  In the recruiting photograph ships leave the central palm, a cluster of fighters in its fronds.  You used your power to exact personal revenge against me.  Where all signs are read twice, once for content, twice for discontent.  To avoid misprision, use only short words, like “broom” and “cyst” and “dog.”  He had a parole officer, reported violent fantasies about a colleague, pledged his ever-lasting love.  Re-pronounce respite.  Re-spite.  Re-spiteful.  Imagine having to live inside of me.  Man killed by police tested positive for crystal meth.  Oh pellet spray of sorrow, of love me, of do me in.  Turn at Mind’s End, heading north.  There  will be no state lines to cross.



–19 April 2011