Poetry by Tim Keane

  An Erased Rauschenberg     compositions exist, not unchanged               valuable,   well,        real     trash can’t find something as-if     put I before the long city               realize cuff-demarcations   a little nothing, invitingly composed               of age, handkerchief, and officious hopes     one reality suggests climbing imagery               but we is goat business   like the five ego entities               between the … Continue reading Poetry by Tim Keane

Poetry by Charles Bernstein

  Also Rises the Sun     SepticemiaWithHalfCockedSmile reposted your blog DeadDollTantrums reblogged this from TheyShootHowlingPrairieDogsDon’tThey BarelyAtheist shared your deletion FocussedOnShimmer blogged your reposting TotallyWithoutAwe favored your share SlantRhyme liked comment OpalescentSenescence unsubscribed DefrockedCrock blocked your posts Whimsey’sAmnesia friended your status FlagrantPhallicy copied your reposting PotbelliedSpoiler moved your share StubbedToe skipped your comment JiltedDoorframe marked your blog unread IlluminatedTupperware repudiated your reposting JocoseInsomniac commented on … Continue reading Poetry by Charles Bernstein

Creative Engagement with Eileen Myles’ Snowflake

by j/j hastain Review of Snowflake / Different Streets Wave Books, 2012 I do not sense much difference (in tone of language or in language itself) between Myles’ poems and her prose writing. Regardless of genre there is always this feeling of being in a fucked up richness–a richness that is dense and also rooted–rooted in manifestations of magnificence (“an edible saint” / “I imagine … Continue reading Creative Engagement with Eileen Myles’ Snowflake

Alice Notley: Sheets of Time in Contemporary Lyric Practice

by Chris Tysh   I don’t fuck much with the past but I fuck plenty with the future –Patti Smith [1] ●  “One day, I awoke” “& found myself on”  “a subway” (3) ●  Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita[2] mi ritrovai per una selva obsura for the straight way was lost ●  A sea of stories[3]: in the endless night I ride below … Continue reading Alice Notley: Sheets of Time in Contemporary Lyric Practice

Trans Verse (or, Traver’s Tranifesto)

by Traver Pam Dick   1   Then one moment it dawned on me, I turned into Traver. 2   Crossroads like of philosophy and lit.  Poetry and fiction. 3   Prose poem qua transverse.  Lines as stanzas, steps in weird proofs, notes.  Traver got blue shoulders. 4   Forms are aspect shifts.  Facing different directions.  Two faces, hourglass.  Duck-rabbit.  Dick-Traver.  Mode swings. 5   It’s too hot in here, … Continue reading Trans Verse (or, Traver’s Tranifesto)

Two Poems by Vincent Katz

  Lapping City   I walked across an endless square and saw myself walking The people in morning come and by evening walk back across bridges The water, everywhere lapping at souls, no cars’ machinery Sounds, winch turning, a motor, voices         Memo Oar Lisp     Ostrich above punched equilibrium accosted fabric tithe emit sequence register launching hunch thimble reason pressure … Continue reading Two Poems by Vincent Katz

Three Poems by Jerome Sala

THE STREET “The populist slogan ‘Save Main Street not Wall Street’ is…totally misleading…it overlooks the fact that what keeps Main Street going under Capitalism is Wall Street.” – Slavoj Zizek when people refer to The Street they only mean one street the one with the wall at the end it’s the only street left in the universe that’s real the others almost as famous one … Continue reading Three Poems by Jerome Sala

Olson Meets Web 2.0

Let’s say that Charles Olson, who fretted about the short life-spans of his male ancestors as an indicator of his early death in “The K” (Olson, Selected 159), does not die in 1970 at the age of 59. Worn out, he goes underground and just observes the culture for a very long time. In full possession of his faculties, he turns a century old in … Continue reading Olson Meets Web 2.0