Joseph Lease

THE DEAD LANDS         empire equals fitness and guns and used books,   if the world is state terror, he forgot joy, dripping   in his skull, “it’s just a path, don’t be nervous,”   promise me the rich can’t sleep, “America,” my   parasite, my seizure breaking word and world,             health insurance health insurance health … Continue reading Joseph Lease

Dream on Dreamer: Testify, by Joseph Lease

Review by Anne Elena Eyre Testify Joseph Lease Coffee House Books, 2011 America. Where are the bodies in the streets? Surely there’s enough to protest as there was if ever before? New battles disguised behind vacant words. Words are what interconnect our consciousness through webs to known and unknown realms. Words are magic because words can manifest actions. This is recognizable in actions that necessitate … Continue reading Dream on Dreamer: Testify, by Joseph Lease