Tenney Nathanson

from Ghost Snow 2 (Unwinding)     *     Where is Owen (Como)? where’s Baloncé?   where’s the pumpernickel   where is “adults move magnetized to the earth”   where’s Leslie   where is t’otherest guvnor   where’s “all other insects forage at random”   where is David G?   where’s the fucking pumpernickel?   where’s David S who wrote this?   where are … Continue reading Tenney Nathanson

“Wings are being read as they are being spread like thighs:” j/j hastain’s Queer Academies

Review by Petra Kuppers SapphoPunk j/j hastain Spuyten Duyvil 2015 “Wings are being read as they are being spread like thighs. It is possible to read a body without knowing how to read the words that might be used to describe it. Inscribe by presence.”   The prolific j/j hastain writes queered priest’s words, steeped in thick somatic cauls, in sexual winged ecstasies, in a … Continue reading “Wings are being read as they are being spread like thighs:” j/j hastain’s Queer Academies

Two Poems by Mateo Lara

  Sunset City   Friction underneath California tongues, Walking in Bakersfield heat brittle against dry ideas. I’m a crux forced into a smoke world, we lost the best of ourselves, Smoking out of chimney lungs, pressure put us down, called it a giving in. I keep thinking how that Tuesday slaughtered all my old vices, Tempted me for a shapeshift, Stoic at best, cost myself … Continue reading Two Poems by Mateo Lara

Joseph Lease

THE DEAD LANDS         empire equals fitness and guns and used books,   if the world is state terror, he forgot joy, dripping   in his skull, “it’s just a path, don’t be nervous,”   promise me the rich can’t sleep, “America,” my   parasite, my seizure breaking word and world,             health insurance health insurance health … Continue reading Joseph Lease

Isabelle Shallcross

500 Dead Crows ___________________________________________ Isabelle Shallcross (she/her) writes poems about the South, nature, and being a sad and problematic person under capitalism. Her favorite writers include Chris Kraus, Ross Gay, and Mira Gonzalez. She has received a scholarship to study poetry at the Bread Loaf School of English and is originally from Alabama. Continue reading Isabelle Shallcross

Pazia Miller

The Other if there wasn’t a 10% after the 90% if there was a code if the belly drank more fluid when justice sat and discussed at a round table if obliteration meant just this one time if radiation were laying out in the sun if Paris wasn’t so far if it cost less if everybody cheated if a person didn’t compress into just one … Continue reading Pazia Miller

Max Wolf Valerio

OK I admit it. I was Greta Garbo, or was that–Shulamith Firestone? humanity has begun to outgrow nature. the pendulum, a dark stone, a discretion. restless inside limitation—a remote intelligence latent—residing throughout a row of gender-neutral wombs. spectral under glass domes, one incubated awareness after another is awakened and separated, each from the other. their eyes open to assure the elimination of the sexual classes … Continue reading Max Wolf Valerio

Jimena Lucero

Attempting to Behead the Grounded: When the grapefruit sun shines on my left cheek awakening flames/ giving light to the unseen my face becomes global, with bodies galore. You see: a birthplace, ancestors, and traces of oddities like me.     Brown femmes carve a place in the constellating universe. Now you know we’re stars. The moon glitters on my right cheek where a conglomerate … Continue reading Jimena Lucero

Kaveh Akbar

UNTITLED WITH HUNGER AND MATCHHEADS Kaveh Akbar is the founding editor of Divedapper. His poems appear recently or soon in The New Yorker, Poetry, Ploughshares, APR, Tin House, and elsewhere. His debut full-length collection, Calling a Wolf a Wolf, will be published by Alice James Books in September 2017; he is also the author of the chapbook Portrait of the Alcoholic. The recipient of a … Continue reading Kaveh Akbar

Questioning the Role of Saying: A Review of Ari Banias’ Anybody

Review by Eli Lynch-El Bechelany Anybody Ari Banias W.W. Norton & Company 2016 The most excited I’ve been about my creative writing degree was while creating a list of readings for my independent study, staring at my computer at 2am with dry eyes, researching and writing down the names of authors, centering queer, trans, and BIPOC voices. This was the first time it’s been possible … Continue reading Questioning the Role of Saying: A Review of Ari Banias’ Anybody

This Is Not Fake: Who Are We, Animals, in the Anthrome? A Review of Make Yourself Happy by Eleni Sikelianos

Review by Melissa Buckheit Make Yourself Happy Eleni Sikelianos Coffeehouse Press, 2017 Breathe. Make yourself happy. Resist. Remember what you are. Insist and document, observe. Cry. Laugh. Do not die completely. Listen and then, speak. Live. If Eleni Sikelianos’ new book had a simple mantra, this might be it. Into the living and dying field of our biosphere, Eleni Sikelianos surges forth in Make Yourself … Continue reading This Is Not Fake: Who Are We, Animals, in the Anthrome? A Review of Make Yourself Happy by Eleni Sikelianos

Two Poems by Raji Bathish

                                        translated by Suneela Mubayi     Maybe, were I to die   You will cry alone, a little between a ski holiday and a wine party so that your tears fall on your pristine, sterilized dining table and you do not find dust to dance with You cry a lot and remember me a little in permitted doses that are not harmful you remember how … Continue reading Two Poems by Raji Bathish