Notebook 20, Pages 69-73: Poetry by Hank Lazer

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voices from the public address

echo   & float away     applause

“this question

about the meaning of meaning …

this kinship of meaning and knowledge …

If it is an adventure of the intelligible …

to become aware

of the question itself,

which calls to it” <111>


as happens at the edge of wading out into swimming into & beside an unimaginable depth an adventuring barely at the edge of exercise or recreation you are moving into these swells arising at the edge of will call it the dao shoreline of a governing emptiness


“the ‘gesture’ of being carried out by beings, inasmuch as they assert themselves      as beings,…

it supposes this substance, beneath all motion …

a reign of a fundamental rest in the verb ‘to be,’

which the grammarians lightly call auxiliary …

That this rest reigns

precisely beneath the vault

of fixed stars, …  Through this rest,

where everything has a place and is

identified, everything takes place.” <112>


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