Notebook 20, Pages 69-73: Poetry by Hank Lazer

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so lost in a simple place      can’t find my way back

he names it cognitive loss      i say a difference of degree

he says he     can’t follow the conversation

old pound   could not make it cohere

perhaps it does not


i say a difference of degree      he says you do not realize the pain of loss


are we not being shown something else      in losing the way


whose way was it      are there not others


the older boy at the table he is a man he is thirty or so     sits with his parents    he has

a sweet full smile  it is a little off   he finds something to talk about something he knows

it is fishing & he shows pictures on his cell phone


“His being     in the world – even unto death,

                                                                                        which measures its  finitude –

                                                is a comprehension of being” <114>
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