Two Poems by Audrey Zee Whitesides

  Play Mimics Life Manifesto   Play on the wood with superiority physical faith after fashion Play on the air without risk Play mimics life, and all play that is mimics life between mailboxes really differences
Faith serials haze into haze while our loving room resembles a zoo 
Play mimics life
I swear more than clothes
A novelty song after myth think aspiration, time for pleasure Play on … Continue reading Two Poems by Audrey Zee Whitesides

succubus in my pocket, by kari edwards

  EOAGH Books, 2015 Poetry / Trans Genre / Transgender Studies ISBN 978-1-4951-8614-1 Winner, Lambda Literary Award in Transgender Poetry, 2016 Foreword by Trace Peterson Introduction by Rob Halpern Order from Small Press Distribution Or, order from EOAGH at Paypal: kari edwards’ succubus in my pocket is a masterwork against mastering, a tarrying recursive, fretting over how to write from life when life is so … Continue reading succubus in my pocket, by kari edwards

Three Poems by Molly Weigel

  The Branch Won’t Survive   Aspen catkins Shirley Temple curls are new, I guess, this delayed spring, dangling sere and old over water, and broken maple branches hang down, still red and budding. A petal slides back like the hatch of a spacecraft. Bunched inside are hairs, the control center, living quarters for the crew, a docking station. The ducks are back. Faded ruddies … Continue reading Three Poems by Molly Weigel

Two Poems by Mary Kasimor

  subtext of women               ornamentally mature a butter      fly        bursts             in the eye’s image floats through         as though there was a choice               what signified the leather           purse concealing           /ed your deep intentions                 I record myself                         numbers              whirl around                  pieces of cheese                          loaded with the greatest minds playing vid e   o   games I thought      I          was           erased falling into remainders                 dumping one of my selves with hearts abundant                      it marches        backwards synthetic … Continue reading Two Poems by Mary Kasimor

Two Poems by Rita Stein

    Seasonal Affect   If I walk on the sunny side          Now that I know I’m doing it                     Then I pump my arms   And try to laugh off the cold edge of imitation   I don’t regret the season of not going   Slumping on the subway                                          Sexy moves like that   It didn’t mean that much                                           To sit … Continue reading Two Poems by Rita Stein

Poetry by Tim Keane

  An Erased Rauschenberg     compositions exist, not unchanged               valuable,   well,        real     trash can’t find something as-if     put I before the long city               realize cuff-demarcations   a little nothing, invitingly composed               of age, handkerchief, and officious hopes     one reality suggests climbing imagery               but we is goat business   like the five ego entities               between the … Continue reading Poetry by Tim Keane